Dynamic Emotional Access 

Brian Astbury, South African theatre practitioner and author of Trusting the Actor (2011), has developed and created a number of psychophysical techniques to help actors engage in dynamic emotional access. Brian refers to his collection of techniques as Emotional Access Work.  Influenced by Antonio Damasio, Alexander Lowen, Arnold Mindell, and others, Astbury's catalogue of techniques include:

  • Under-reading

  • Energy Work

  • Physical Exercises

  • Physical Metaphor

  • Image Streaming

I find Dynamic Emotional Access to be a more fitting description, as his work does more than access emotions, such as shifting levels of attention, changing awareness and energy, and tapping into a preconscious creative state. I trained with Brian Astbury on the Contemporary Theatre Practice course at East 15 Acting School and at the London Academy of Dramatic Art (US exchange programme), and continue to use and develop his techniques in my work as a director. 

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Written and performed by Rebecca Crookshank. Directed by Jessica Beck. Oliver Taheri Productions. Rebecca Crookshank won Performer of the Year in the Devon Performance Awards 2016, and the production has had multiple award nominations including the Liberty Human Rights Arts Award 2016, the Brighton Audience Choice Award 2016, and Best New Play, Best New Production, Best Actress and Best Director in the Broadway World UK Awards 2015

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