Feldenkrais - Awareness Through Movement

When: 6.15pm - 7.15pm Wednesday evening Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes (weekly, ongoing September - July).

Where:  Gong Bodywork Brixton, 34 - 44 Tunstall Road, Brixton, London SW9 8DA

How much:  £10 to drop in, discounts available for bulk classes.

I also guest teach for Sophie Arditti in West London and Scott Clark & Ryan Jansen in London Bridge.


I regularly teach international workshops and am very happy to travel. Workshops that offer the Emotional Effector Patterns (Alba Emoting or Emotional Body) require around 30 hours to bring the work to integration and application stages. Whether you are an educational institution, theatre company, psychologist or ontological coach, learning about emotion and movement through somatic education is can be a thrilling and fulfilling experience. Get in touch to discuss a bespoke workshop for your organisation or group. 


Emotional Transformations: Sensing and Shifting Emotional States

September 29th, 10am - 5pm, National 4-H Conference Center, Chevy Chase 

Feldenkrais Method Conference 2018, Washington D.C. 26th - 30th September

Emotions influence all aspects of our lives. Yet studies show most people can't clearly sense or accurately identify emotions. Emotional effector patterns, discovered by scientists, are central to this method and offer the opportunity to understand the physiology of emotions through breathing, facial expressions, and postural explorations. Influenced by the teachings of Dr. Feldenkrais, Emotional Body has become a universal approach to physical emotion regulation accessible to all people. Learn about developing emotional fluency for yourself and recognizing them in your clients

Past workshops (selected):


30-hour Intensive Training, co-taught with Anne Schilling, Studio St.Denis, Los Angeles, CA 13th - 20th January 

The Emotional Body: Alba Emoting for the Performing Artist, Rose Bruford College 9th - 14th July


30-hour Intensive Training, Los Angeles, CA 9th - 17th February

Advanced Alba Training, co-taught with Laura Bond and Lavinia Plonka UNCA, Asheville, NC, 19th - 23rd June

The Emotional Body: Alba Method workshop, co-taught with Laura Bond and Lavinia Plonka, Western North Carolina, June 25th - 30th

Transformation & Emotion Methods - Rasaboxes, Alba Emoting, & Michael Chekhov, co-taught with Michelle Minnick and Janice Orlandi, Rose Bruford College 12th - 22nd July 


 Alba Method: A Somatic Approach to Understanding the Physiology of Emotion. Pasadena Playhouse, Pasadena, CA 28th August - 4th September

 Alba meets Rasa – The Science of Emotion and Performance Theory, co-taught with Paula Murray Cole, Rose Bruford July 11th - 20th

 Calming, Controlling, Connecting - Emotional Regulation with the Alba Method,co-taught with Laura Bond (University North Carolina) Asheville June 10th - 18th

Individual Sessions

Feldenkrais - Functional Integration

Each lesson revolves around a question: how do your habits of movement help you, but at the same time stand in the way of doing better? In a typical lesson, we discuss this, then you lie fully-clothed on a low table as my hands gently support you, suggesting, encouraging and guiding you towards new ways of moving and organising yourself. Lessons are particularly useful for specific or long-standing problems, to deepen your experience of Awareness Through Movement classes, or to provide ongoing support for your everyday life.

Where: Gong Bodywork, Brixton.

How much: £70* per session (usually 1h 15min).

*Contact me about introductory offers and discounts on multiple sessions

Emotion work - Private Coaching

If you are looking to deepen your understanding and experience with the Emotional Effector Patterns, a one-on-one session may be useful. Each lesson is tailored to your individual learning needs. We can work on on clarifying individual patterns, work with movement or specific text. As a theatre director and actor trainer, I can also assist with embodied text exploration and analysis, as well as audition or speech preparation.

Where: Gong Bodywork, or an alternative appropriate space.

How much: £70 per hour.

"Make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy - elegant."

- Moshe Feldenkrais

Gong Bodywork Brixton. Photo by Luke Warburton.

An Awareness Through Movement class. Photo by Jackie Adkins.

Alba Meets Rasa, Rose Bruford College July 2016. Photo by Jessica Beck.

Feldenkrais table and rollers, Gong Bodywork, Brixton. Photo by Jessica Beck.

Jessica teaching the Emotional Effector patterns in Montreal, Canada. Photo by Bernard Dubois.